Leather and Vinyl Sample

All samples of leather that we display in this page are produced by Gruppo Piretti – Italian leather. For more collections about this leather, please contact us.

SP 06 Beige Auto SP 28 Sand Two Tone SP 29 Brown Two Tone SP 607 White
 SP 06 Beige Auto  SP 28 Sand Two Tone  SP 29 Brown Two Tone  SP 607 White
SP 1578 Cile Red SP 2254 Virginia SP 6117 Yellow Fashion SP Asportabile Red Wsh
 SP 1578 Cile Red  SP 2254 Virginia  SP 6117 Yellow Fashion  SP Asportabile Red Wsh

Vinyl (Synthetic Leather)

oscar 109 oscar 303 oscar 402-S oscar 703-5
 Oscar 109  Oscar 303 Oscar 402-S Oscar 703-5
oscar 705-5 oscar 1002 oscar New Blue oscar Nugget
 Oscar 705-5  Oscar 1002  Oscar New Blue  Oscar Nugget