Fine Handcrafted Furniture

Permata House is a supplier, manufacturer and exporter of fine wooden furniture to many countries has produced many products as customer’s order and offer wide range of beautiful French antique reproduction furniture which all have look antique. Fine Handcrafted FurnitureWe have reproduced fine handcrafted furniture and other styles for many years with the right proportion and reached priced. As long as you have picture or diagram with complete size, we will be able to reproduce the furniture for you. Our wooden furniture quality is different to most of internet furniture site seller and we offer something different with reached priced.

We produce our products with exclusive designs which are already made by our skilled handcrafted peoples in our factory. We have been producing the furniture and some new designs on our factory to protect the goods being copied by our competitors in furniture industries in around the world. We only sell and offer our exclusive range in antique and luxurious styles only to the furniture wholesalers and furniture importers and not for individual order.

Our furniture are available for indoor and outdoor use with different kind of wood and designs. We supply various fine handcrafted furniture, French styles furniture, outdoor furniture made of solid teak wood, and classic furniture made of solid mahogany wood and mindi wood with beautiful natural texture.

French Styles Furniture

Permata House have more experience of the French styles furniture for more over 10 years and made from mahogany furniture, mindi wood and it’s very affordable and the quality speaks for itself, dovetail joints, smooth sanded to get the highest quality furniture. There is no doubt that our furniture we have produced being popular in a Europe and some other countries.

Our popular ranges of French styles furniture are bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, chaise and sofa lounge and many others items. We have located the best online furniture in Jepara Indonesia to feature and compare furniture with. Our furniture carving detail exactly looks French styles with beautiful carved features. Our French furniture is usually use distressed with rubbed edges which gives it that older more rustic look. You will be comfortable if you placed in to your room of the French styles furniture in your room and feel stay in Paris or French country with amazing style, this furniture will surely become the antique of the future. Distressed or rustic look is a key element to the French country style.

Our French furniture has been exporting to the worldwide which consist of beautiful classic French styles, wardrobes, nightstands, Louis XV wooden beds, dressing tables, dining tables, etc. Our furniture is traditional handmade by skillful craftsmen made of quality handcrafted mahogany & teak wood.

We are always develop our new design and if you have a special design to be develop with us, we are pleased to reproduce for you and protect your design from anyone else. We also produce the English, Egyptian, and American  furniture and reproduced them from the authentic pieces for our customers. For the French furniture we paint in deep matte finish cream and antique white finish with distressed, enhancing the style and creating definitive antiques of the future. If you are really interested with this range you can view some of our products at our furniture gallery. We are pleased to serve you for long terms business relationship. Please enjoy browsing on our online catalog, submit and place the order inquiry through email and we will be happy to assist you and hope you will find something different with other companies to make a deal with.

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

Permata House is Indonesia furniture manufacturer and exporter based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, presents the excellent antique furniture reproduction collections. We have more than 10 years experiences in producing antique furniture offering the best quality with competitive prices. Permata House is totally established to serve your furniture needs. Supported with reliable capacity, we serve container order for 20 ft at the minimum. We offer a wide range of Indonesia furniture made of mahogany, mindi, fruit wood, such as armoire, bed, buffet, cabinet, dining chair, mirror, sideboard, dining table, sofa, bookcase, chest, commode, extendable dining table, library step, console, dresser mirror, dressing table, fire mantel, chaise lounge, table, armoire and many other functioned wooden furniture adopted from American style that has been created an developed by the artist and designer since the 14th century.

All the team of Permata House, are ready to be on your assistance for furniture you look for. Customized design and design ideas are welcome. Our artist and designer will be directly involved in the translation of the design to become a beautiful tangible furniture. Permata House as a experienced antique furniture manufacturer, provides a fascinating hand-made furniture adorned with astonished hand carving by skilled craftsmen. Constructed from selected plantation of mahogany as a raw material, we assured that we are different and we cordially invite you to click on our furniture product catalog to experience our collections.

Please explore our collections. If you’ve any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re glad to provide any additional information that you need and hope that you enjoy doing business with us.

Know a Well Constructed Piece of Furniture from a Bad One, and Save Your Precious Dollars

Buying furniture is like buying small investments – they’re bound to become precious possessions of yours, which will also most likely require a considerable amount of money to purchase.

As such, you’d want the best quality that your money can buy when it comes to furniture. That way, you’ll get your money’s worth and save a lot more in the long run. That is why you should be able to tell the difference of a well-constructed furniture from a badly constructed one so that you can make a good investment on your pieces, and save your dollars in the end.

Here are some details you might want to look out for on the various pieces of furniture you plan to purchase.

1. The different parts of a piece of furniture should be joined together securely and firmly.

2. When shopping for upholstered furniture, be sure to check the tailoring details. It should be cleanly done, without any loose threads. Trimming of any kind as well as buttons should be securely placed and firmly fastened on the piece of furniture.

3. When shopping for tables or desks, make sure that the furniture is well-balanced. You can check this by putting your fist on the center of the desk or table and gently rocking it. If the piece of furniture remains stable, it is properly balanced.

4. Any piece of furniture should be smoothly finished, meaning there shouldn’t be any rough areas or spots.

5. You should be able to easily open and close the doors and drawers of cabinets and closets.

6.  The unexposed parts of a piece of furniture should be sanded to provide a smooth surface.

Furthermore, here is a crash course on gaining the “eye” for weeding out the good furniture from the bad ones

When shopping for furniture, take your time. As much as possible, don’t shop for furniture in your lunch hour. Whenever you’re in a hurry, you’ll miss important details and flaws that you might only discover once you’ve bought the piece. But if you’re terribly busy, schedule a visit to your furniture store on one lunch hour with the sole intention of looking around. Afterwards, set another visit and that should be the only time that you take out your credit card.

Looks can be deceiving.

A piece of furniture may look attractive and pleasing from afar, but if observed carefully, may reveal flaws in the design and construction that won’t make it last long. Though design and aesthetics are largely important when it comes to furniture, so is quality and durability, so consider all these factors when you buy.